Dip OT; BA (Psych & Hum); Grad Dip Psych; MAPS

Alison Eddy is a registered Psychologist and Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Alison has a longstanding interest in chronic pain and stress which first began in the 1980s when she established a private practice in occupational therapy. Her work involved consulting with employers regarding injury risk and with clients who were living with chronic pain as a result of work injuries. She returned to university and attained qualifications in psychology in order to provide psychological treatment for clients who experience psychological distress in the context of persistent pain and life stressors.

Alison brings to us extensive experience from a range of settings including community health and various roles in vocational rehabilitation as a clinical practitioner, clinical supervisor, policy advisor and a regional manager responsible for multiple offices and allied health teams. She was the coordinator of a hospital-based chronic pain management program and 10 years ago established a private psychological practice.

In joining our multidisciplinary team, Alison is delighted to contribute to an individually tailored treatment approach which addresses the complexity of persistent pain, in order to maximise outcomes for clients. Her approach is client-centred – she is passionate about providing a supportive space for clients to understand their pain and work towards improving wellbeing and taking control of their lives.

Living with persistent
pain can be overwhelming.
Assisting clients to
understand what’s
happening and take
charge is my passion.
— Alison Eddy