Dr Navid Hamedani is second-year Fellow of Pain Medicine

Navid earned his doctorate degree in medicine from Tehran University of Medical Science (TUMS) and continued his vocational training with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).  He holds AHPRA general and specialist registration. 

Navid started his pain medicine fellowship having already spent years gaining first-hand experience with patients suffering with chronic pain. Seeing the profound impact of pain on the patient’s quality of life, and on their family and community, Navid was driven to focus his profession on the study and management of pain.

Navid practises medical acupuncture and mentors doctors attending acupuncture courses as a fellow of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College. Navid was recently a member of the persistent pain management (multidisciplinary) team in Prince Alexandra hospital in Queensland. He moved to Melbourne for his position at Pain Specialists Australia.

Navid believes that pain is a chronic disease that affects the whole biology, psychology and social function of the patient. He is passionate about pain medicine and considers it the most rewarding field in medicine.

Above all, Navid is proud of the strong relationships he fosters with patients, which allow the patient to acknowledge and share even the most hidden impacts of their condition.

“The pain recovery journey starts with understanding that the pain is real and unique. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment, but with the right team around you it is possible to regain a productive, healthy and functional life”