Simon initially qualified in paediatrics in the UK (London) and spent 8 years at the Sydney Children’s hospital. His broad experience in paediatric medicine led him to his interest in pain management, which was an issue relevant to many areas of his work. Simon undertook further specialist training in pain medicine and became a member of the Faculty of Pain. 

Naturally, Simon gravitated back to become both a paediatric pain specialist, while managing adults with pain.

He is appointed medical director of Bear Cottage, an exceptional children’s hospice in the heart of Sydney. Following his years of training in palliative care, and after he arrived in Melbourne, he was appointed Medical Director at the Very Special Kids Hospice. Working in this area has not only given him expertise in palliative-care symptom management but also in the area of symptom management of children with challenging neurological disorders who may not be able to communicate their distress.

Simon moved from The Sydney Children’s Hospital to Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne to establish pain services for the hospital's planned renewal for 2017.

As a consultant Paediatrician with a wealth of experience in the UK and Australia, he is able to deal with all aspects of a child's health, development and general wellbeing. He has an understanding of the difficulties and challenges of looking after a child with chronic pain and how this can affect their family. With a combination of his expertise in pain medicine and careful use of medication, and a broader, holistic approach, he aims to improve the function and quality of life of children with chronic pain.


Having trained as a paediatrician before pain medicine is enormously helpful. I can diagnose any problems that might be contributing to the pain. I understand the development of the child and how this can relate to pain.
— Dr Simon Cohen

"I recognise that persistent pain represents a huge challenge for people and children. The opportunity to walk that path with them and to help reduce their suffering is a privilege."