Fiona Thomas graduated as an occupational therapist in 1986 and has worked in a variety of clinical areas including hand therapy, industrial musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic pain management.

She has worked in both private and public settings as a clinical OT, programme coordinator and educator.

Fiona has a clinical interest in relating occupational therapy practice to pain management including goal-setting, functional-capacity assessments, activity engagement, biofeedback and sensory processing/self-regulation, as well as applying modern pain science into occupational therapy approaches.

Currently Fiona is working at Caulfield General Medical Centre as the senior clinician in the Caulfield Pain Management Team.

In conjunction with clinical work, Fiona has recently completed a small project grant funded research project into self-efficacy and function. She has also been involved with research and quality improvement activities within the pain management setting has presented at AFRM and APS conferences based on this data.  

Fiona is a keen advocate of the role of Occupational Therapy in pain management and has presented workshops for OT Australia on pain management over the lifespan of an occupational-therapy approach; and topical sessions for the APS on applying modern pain science to pain-management programmes and viewing work as an intervention, not just an outcome.


“Persistent pain is an intrusive sensation that can act like a brake, putting life on hold. Occupational therapy helps the person to rediscover that dynamic relationship between accelerator and brake so we can get on with the journey of living, at the pace we enjoy.”
— Fiona Thomas