B.App.Sc (OT); M.Sc.Med (Pain Management)

Tim Roocke is a specialist in the assessment and treatment of the impact that persisting pain following an injury or illness can have on a person’s ability to function in daily activity.

Tim has worked as an occupational therapist since 2006, beginning in Workers' Compensation and injury management in South Australia before expanding his experience into community rehabilitation while working in London between 2007-2009. Upon returning to Melbourne and commencing his concurrent role with Epworth Rehabilitation, he began working with patients experiencing persistent pain. Tim quickly became passionate about this area of occupational therapy, and saw the enormous potential for functional improvement as people learnt and understood more about their pain. Tim has also completed a post-graduate Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) at the University of Sydney and now holds his specialised Occupational Therapy role with Pain Specialists Australia (formerly Victoria Pain Specialists).

Tim is easy to get on with and very good at what he does. Using a bio-psychosocial approach and in close collaboration with other team members including pain medicine physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists and our pain nurse, Tim provides evidence-based treatments in a variety of areas:

  • Education regarding pain physiology and activity pacing approaches,
  • Development of active pain management strategies,
  • Values Based goal setting,
  • Assessment and education of effective postures and movement patterns,
  • Use of appropriate psychological based strategies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Supporting graded increases in participation in functional activity including:
    • Household tasks,
    • Work,
    • Driving,
    • Exercise,
    • And recreational and social activities.

Tim draws on his expertise and training from both Australia and London, focusing his sessions on educational and practical components of pain management, in addition to the provision of home tasks to increase his patients' ability to complete relevant daily activities while controlling their pain as effectively and consistently as possible.

The infinite potential of the brain to change itself offers us significant hope in helping patients control their pain.
— Tim Roocke

"I come to work each day looking forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively with our inter-disciplinary team, and supporting people to develop abilities to both improve their pain and activity levels. The infinite potential of the nervous system to change itself offers us significant hope in helping people improve their pain - not just to manage it. Returning to meaningful activity by powering up one's existing strategies and adding some new ideas can be a great way to achieve these improvements."