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As one of Australia's leading multidisciplinary pain specialist clinics, we'll explain what chronic pain is any why it occurs. We'll also explain that chronic pain should be managed as a chronic illness and not just a symptom of an illness. We will provide you with coping tips and practical guidance to help you take the initial steps to get yourself on your road to recovery.




About Pain Specialists Australia (formerly Victoria Pain Specialists)

Pain Specialists Australia is a leading pain management clinic staffed by qualified pain specialist physicians who manage chronic pain using a spectrum of medical care that includes medications and cutting edge pain interventional procedures that are combined with a multidisciplinary pain team and lifestyle approaches delivered by allied health pain experts like physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and nurses.

Because pain is a personal experience and complex we believe that patients shouldn’t manage pain alone and that they should be empowered to play an active role in their own pain management.