Jazmin is a physiotherapist specialising in pain management.  

Since 2004, Jazmin has worked in pain management and rehabilitation in a number of interdisciplinary pain services across leading public and private Melbourne hospitals.

As a clinician, she is committed to supporting her patients in reaching their maximum potential through utilising her vast clinical experiences and insights into the day-to-day experience of pain and the various factors that affect it. She shares her knowledge of pain neuroscience with patients as she believes that greater understanding of their condition is a key step towards meaningful progress in their rehabilitation journey.  She adopts a person-centred approach in assessing and evaluating a patient to provide a holistic and evidence-based treatment.  She takes great satisfaction in patients gaining confidence in their management of pain and overcoming their challenges to return to the activities they value. 

Jazmin completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne in 2004. She has completed several post graduate training in pain management and is currently undertaking a Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) at the University of Sydney. Jazmin is a member of the Australian Pain Society and was the Victorian lead of the Pain Special Interest Group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association 2015-2016.




I am committed to helping my patients overcome the challenges of living in pain and enable them to return to activities they value most.
— Jazmin Cruz